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TeleTherapy, also called telehealth, online counseling, distance counseling or TeleMental Health, is a way to offer counseling in a non in-person situation via electronic communication.  TeleTherapy minimizes barriers to physically attending sessions and can be beneficial for new parents, caregivers, individuals with chronic illness and pain conditions, clients with limited mobility, those who struggle with social anxiety or PTSD, or are concerned about recent health concerns related to COVID-19. 


There are unique benefits of TeleTherapy including attending sessions from the comfort of your own home , flexible scheduling, fewer missed appointments due to traffic or implement weather, and adolescents can attend session without relying on transport from parents, which means no time off work for you!  We offer individual, couples and family counseling via TeleTherapy.


Secure and Private

Our platform for providing TeleTherapy is  This is an interactive live video feed, that is both HIPAA-complaint and secure. (confidential and private).  Check out this link, that walks you through how it works: 


Equipment Needed

* A digital device (such as a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone)

* High-speed internet

* A location with sufficient lighting and privacy that is free from distractions or intrusions


TeleTherapy is for Missouri Residents

We are licensed in the state of Missouri, so our online counseling services are offered to Missouri residents only.  If you are under 18, we must receive a hard-copy signed parental consent for treatment prior to starting services.


Fees and Insurance

Most insurance companies are reimbursing for TeleTherapy, but at this time, we are being told co-pays and deductibles still apply.  We will bill out your sessions to your insurance provider, and any claims not paid will be your responsibility.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered.  We process debit and credit card payments through SquareUp, which is a mobile payment company with secure card processing.  


Getting Started

Call 816-500-1355 to schedule an appointment.  Prior to our first online meeting, you will need to send us your completed forms.  Download, read and complete the required forms here:

You can fax your completed forms to us at 816-569-6797 or email them to  You will also need to send us a copy of your photo ID and your insurance card (front and back).



Our providers have met requirements for providing TeleTherapy services by completing a 26 hour continuing education certificate program, "TeleMental Health & Digital Ethics" through the Zur Institute.  This program included three areas of focus:

New Standards - Ethical, Legal, Clinical, Technological, and Practice Considerations

Practical Applications for Delivering Psychotherapy and Counseling via TeleHealth

Digital and Social Media Ethics for Therapists

Click the link to read up-to-date information directly from Zur Institute:


Crisis and Communications Policy

Please be aware our providers do not have the capability to respond to an immediate crisis.  It is our office policy to respond to all phone calls within one business day.  If at any time your are in crisis or experience a life threatening emergency, you have the following options:

         Call 911

         Go to your nearest emergency room

         Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to speak to a trained crisis clinician at 988


Prior to your initial session, we will request you complete the TeleTherapy Emergency Plan.  We will request the name and contact information of a support person, and ask that you give consent so that we may contact them if we feel you are in need of additional support.  This can be a family member, friend, loved one, neighbor - someone you feel most comfortable with us sharing your information with if we are concerned for your well-being.  At each session, we will review your location and ask if any changes need to be made to your TeleTherapy Emergency Plan. 


Additional Forms

              Release of Information

          Safety Plan

          TeleTherapy Emergency Plan


Clinician Doxy Addresses

Below are listed the current Doxy addresses for each clinician:


Sherri Brooke         


Pearl Bryant         


Jodie Rosendal      


Vanidee Stollenwerk  


Autumn Newby   


Allison Rogers      


Danielle Howell    

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